39 thoughts on “3 Ways to Style an Undercut | Mens Hairstyle Tutorial

  1. How long is it on top. Are u sure it's only 4.5 inches? My hair is 6 inches and I want it to be exactly like yours but 4.5 inches looks longer than that on a ruler lol

  2. Is all of the top oh your hair the same size ??? My mom keeps messing it up and keep telling her to cut some of the Mohawk part in the middle off this is for the 2nc hairstyle

  3. can u make a video on how to style your hair of u have a cowlick bc i have an undercut but right where my long hair ends in the back there is a cowlick it doesn't let my hair lay flat down or do what i want with it

  4. Joe! HELP or anybody else please. Im 15 years old and I'm loosing hair at a worrying rate. I Oil my hair regularly but still it won't stop. Please Help. Anyone else advice would also be appreciated.

  5. Hey Joe,
    Happyyyyyyy Birthdayyyy Buddy. May your channel gets more than a million subscribers by your next birthday and you keep on sharing your best with all your fans buddy. All the best. And what to say about your this vedio…. Same comment as always "SUPER AWESOME".

  6. such a dope vid man. Ive been with you since like about a year ago. I finally ordered Blumaan meraki. I hope my hair looks like yours when I use it. do u know when I will receive it if I live in the US?

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