8 Best Clean Fragrances Brands

Growing up, I was a major perfume fan. It’s something my grandmother and I bonded over and I loved how grown up and feminine I felt using them, even as a little girl. But as I’ve grown into an adult and have learned about the chemicals added to most, I’ve become a lot more wary of using them. Instead of spraying fragrance directly onto my skin like I use to, I spray it on my clothes and more importantly,  I’m now stocking my fragrance tray with these clean, safe options—which smell just as good if not better!

Here are some of the best clean fragrance brands:

Created by the Gwyneth with all natural elements and no toxins, with the promise that some of the ingredients even help heal. I’m currently using this one and am obsesssed.

Rich Hippie
Fragrances made with traditional methods used by original perfumers pre-WWII (after WWII is when chemicals were added). All fragrances are crafted in small batches out of plant and flower extracts. The lavender sounds especially beautiful.

Ecco Bella
These are made from essential oils and concentrated to last. Only natural and eco-friendly products are used and absolutely no animal products or testing from start to finish.

Healing Earth
Made locally in Vermont from herbs produced on a family-run farm, so how sweet is that? This truly is an Earth-to-consumer product made of high quality organic material. And new goal: to live on a farm that makes incredible clean scents like this.

Pacifica is an earth-conscious brand and leading company in the natural beauty space in general. Their perfumes are 100% vegan and cruelty free. The Persian Rose scent is a winner!

Acorelle sources natural products from France and creates the ideal combination of organic ingredients and fine, quality cosmetics. Chic and clean at its finest!

Sophia Fragrance Oil
Each bottle is made with 100% pure fragrance oil and no alcohol to make sure all products are natural and wholesome.

S.W. Basics
S.W. Basics is an excellent clean beauty line who recently launched organic, made-safe fragrances. They’re essential oil based and are all diluted in organic sunflower oil, rendering them super gentle and perfect for applying directly on the skin and they smell amazzzzing. My personal favorite is the Lemongrass.

Do you have any other clean fragrances that I need to try?

Spritz away!

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